This project enables NFT lending markets for play-to-earn games, starting with Axie Infinity. It involves designing and developing a browser-based front-end for lenders to interact with the Ronin sidechain and set up a share tenancy with players. Because Ronin is a permissioned sidechain, we will manually handle all admin-level transactions using a Trezor hardware wallet. Additionally, we will be using a PHP backend to query Ronin's APIs and provide lenders with a Zapper-like dashboard so that they can track their earnings. Fortunately, we have set up an autonomous coordination system to handle player assignation and account management on the player-side, so the only manual actions take place when a lender withdrawals an Axie.

Neftify showcase

How it's made

front end uses html, css, and vanilla js. we used web3modal libraries for the connect wallet modal. the back end is written in php and uses mysql for user accounts and login. cron jobs refresh the pool stats every 24hrs using ronin's hidden api's...we found them using our extensive knowledge of how to use google search.