In essence, the project is an interactive 3D piece of real estate with specially marked "picture frames" where a user can display an NFT they own. While the project is polygon native, the NFTs that can be displayed are cross-chain thanks to Moralis. When a user sets an NFT into a frame, the state is saved to the Moralis backend server. Users can visit other galleries by entering the blockchain wallet address for that user. Additional planned improvements that didn't make it in: - Gallery NFTs that are linked to a different level geometry/model hosted on IPFS that could be used as additional gallery space - these would be auctioned off - Setting up a way to put an NFT up for sale in your gallery and allowing a visitor to purchase it - Better camera controls - Non-placeholder art :)

NFT Gallery 3D showcase

How it's made

Tech used: Moralis ( used for user authentication, fetching a user's cross-chain NFTs and providing data persistance Polygon ( used for blockchain transactions Sia/Skynet ( used for hosting Unity ( used for 3D engine Additionally: react-unity-webgl ( for embedding Unity in an react app