NFT on Demand is a marketplace that connects users with real NFT artists, where you can order the content you want to have. Across history there have been quite a number of art masterpieces that have something in common. All of them have emerged under commission. Emperors, Kings, Popes, nobles, tycoons have ordered art pieces and received at times masterpieces. The NFT space is rife with great art and collections, but it is not the norm. Most of the time we have very simple ones and some of the time laughable art that goes, some may argue, against the spirit of what this technology has to offer. So, we decided to have a go at creating a marketplace that helps the space generate great art by focusing on something that could be done in the past only by contacting the artist directly: Ordering NFTs by commission.

NFT on Demand showcase

How it's made

The entire application is differentiated into two types of services where the application obtains its data to function. Centralized services (Cloud Services): - AWS Amplify: CI/CD, Hosting and SSL in AWS. - EC2: Server to upload the image to NFT.Storage. - API Gateway: Secure communication with NodeJS Server (Upload image to NFT.Storage). - DynamoDB: user database Decentralized Servicios (Web3.js and communication with Smart Contracts): - Alchemy: - Obtaining prices of the NFTs in real time. - Metamask: - Deployment of the contract on the ETH Network (Ropsten). - NFT minting. - Sale of NFTs through Interaction with Smart Contract. - IPFS through NFT.Storage!: - NFT IPFS storage and metadata.json Frameworks: - NodeJS: - NFT.Storage Node package: Backend to upload the image to NFT.Storage. - Express: Handling of server api calls. - ReactJS: Frontend - Remix IDE: Creation and compilation of the Smart contract.