This project aims to integrate community building features with NFTs from select content creators. The focus is on bringing short visual and musical performances to NFTs, for example a drummer playing along to a track as currently exists on platforms like TikTok and Youtube. Around the visualization of these NFTs will be chatting, like button, and sharing features, with ownership of the asset unlocking additional behind the scenes features like breakdowns or sheet music. Other content creators like digital artists and non-preforming musicians will be supported, while possibly pairing raw art with music loops.

NFT Platform showcase

How it's made

This project is no where near being complete, so far the only functionality on the front end is connecting to metamask and logging some basic data. I wrote one smart contract in solidity which extends the openzeppelin ERC721 contract to include metadata I anticipate being useful, such as a json file with an IPFS url. The front end is built using the react sample application, and includes javascript using web3.js which connects to metamask upon a user button click.