Health Insurance in the United States and out-pockets cost are the most expensive bills the lower-class and middle-class Americans face. Insurance is about spreading the financial cost and risk of a person amongst the community or in my definition spreading the risk onto the blockchain with possibly return for blockchain users. Blockchain has a lot of potentials, to change a real problem for those without the knowledge or resources to do anything against the odds or facing unfortunate events in their lives. I believe De-Fi blockchain can have a real impact on these problems but currently, I understand now blockchain is not having that impact but I want our Dapp to have that. Our goal is to leverage Blockchain in its newfound financial powers to empower the middle class In exchange for low monthly premiums to cover any out-pocket medical cost. I realized we need an insurance baseline to cover a simpler cost.

OpenVessel - Health Insurance & DeFi Jubilant-Market showcase

How it's made

For this competition, we will develop functions in python to construct an MIT licensed container that explores technologies from AAVE, Covalent, Compound, Skale, Uniswap. balancer that will handle transactions for our Healthcare insurance platform. The front-end is React framework that fetch web request to a REST API on flask. The backend REST API inserts data into tables for unit testing and call for interfacing with AAVE or price feed Chainlink.