Osmotic Funding distributes funds to Gitcoin Grants (or other initiatives) from a pool of DAI (or other tokens) based on the votes they receive from the Gitcoin token holder community (or any other community). This way the community can signal along all the time which are their preferences. The rate at which each project is funded is determined by the staked amount and the available funds. The rate variations are smoothed over time to avoid high rate variations and offer stability to the projects.

Osmotic Funding showcase

How it's made

We have implemented a new superfluid agreement that can stream funds over time at a varying rate to make changes smother. This is the first agreement of it's kind, one that calculates the integral of the rate variation over time to know how much funds an account has. We have also implemented a function that sets a rate for projects based on the amount of staked tokens and available funds. We attached a frontend that grabs gitcoin grants from the gitcoin API and allow GTC tokenholders to stake on them. We plan to continue with the development of the application, and the first networks in which it will be available will be polygon and xdai.