Our current project is to find viable ways of upgrading already-decentralised projects such as open source games to blockchain-powered projects, with the objective of better allocating resources & time spent so as to improve the viability of the project as a whole. In particular, we're looking into integrating viable, closed-loop tokenomics to leverage the 'player time spent' to reward content creators in a decentralised manner. We're currently targeting the popular rythm game Osu!, where some 'enabler' tasks (moderation, content review) are not productive enough for a lack of incentive. Using real-money (via ETH) to increase the attractiveness of these tasks would generate positive externalities in the ecosystem that could increase value overall. We believe we can work on implementing strong tokenomics as an option on the game to add the following features: - reputation system based on authenticated proofs of plays, verified by other players, - anti-cheating system through consensus on leaderboards and said proofs of plays, - NFT marketplace to buy & sell maps with an incentive mechanism to pay moderators, - incentives for developers to build new features with voting from the community. We're looking to build this for non-crypto people, therefore focusing on ease of use and core mechanics.

Osu!Project! showcase

How it's made

We've wrapped the main Osu! app inside an Electron app to manage the web3 interactions. We've tweaked the Osu! app so it interacts with an arbitrary server rather than the main Osu! API. We've built two smart contracts to manage the airdropping of rewards to players and track the different scores of each beatmap. We've used wallet connect to bridge with the player's wallet.