Paymagic is a payment tool for DAOs and crypto teams. Send batch transfers, airdrops, vesting schedules, streaming payments, and more all from one easy to use app. More details here: Contact or join the DAO: The market for DAO tools is exploding! 🚀 And they need simple payment tools for sending a variety of smart contract-enabled payments for their operations but no single, easy-to-use app exists for them. L2s and sidechains open up more usage of crypto payments since the gas cost and transaction time are greatly reduced. Paymagic operates at the intersection of all these trends and seeks to provide the best tools and user experience to support the growth of these markets.

Paymagic showcase

How it's made

Smart Contracts with Solidity deployed to mainnet, Polygon, Skale, and kovan. We plan to deploy to other L2s. React on the FE with ethers.js, formik, and Blocknative notify.js. No backend of any kind. We get the data from a couple different sources. Scaffold-eth provided a great template and starting point. Also deployed to skynet.