Pinyottas are generative art NFTs with a twist! A minter can choose some amount of their ERC-20 tokens to deposit when they mint their pinyottas. Those ERC-20s inform the generative art algorithm. The ERC-20s belong to the minted pinyotta, so if a user transfers their pinyotta to another user, they can now claim the underlying ERC-20s.

Pinyottas showcase

How it's made

Pinyottas is built on Scaffold-eth. The smart contract uses the ERC721 contract from OpenZeppelin. The process of creating generative art associated with on-chain info is inspired by Art Blocks, and through the course of the hackathon I found myself pouring over Art Blocks' publicly available code and the code for tools meant to help Art Blocks' artists create their works. At certain points I had to solve problems that the Art Blocks team must also have run into, and, based on some conversations in the Art Blocks Discord I saw later, I believe I solved them in similar ways, which was rewarding to discover in and of itself. For example, Art Blocks has "live" versions of their art that run the generative art algorithm within the viewer's browser, but they also have static versions that are used as preview images that are shown on platforms like OpenSea. To make this possible, I had to create a process to render the art using the algorithm client-side and then save a snapshot of it off to a server for static rendering.