The goal of our project was two-fold. Create a way for streamers to create stickier users that stay watching a stream longer and come back more frequently. We are able to achieve that through allowing a streamer to issue a limited-time-only NFT that only viewers watching a stream at the time of its release are able to claim. Fans that hold these NFTs are able to unlock unique streamer-fan experiences... This can include being able to vote on what game your streamer plays next, have an entry in a raffle to squad up with your streamer, or even first access to new merch that's about to drop. The joy of something like, is that the streamer and their fans are able to mold it into whatever they want. showcase

How it's made

We leveraged the Twitch API to allow a streamer to authenticate their account, from which we are able to control certain aspects of their stream. Then on the NFT from we are big fans of POAP, so we are leveraging their API to do everything from gather details on a POAP to allowing fans to claim them gas-free and with the option of putting it in a wallet or associating it with simply and email address.