POPP unifies rewards and loyalty programs on Polygon. Every transaction on POPP mints a Proof-of-Purchase, which, for simplicity and associability, is called a Stamp. Stamps allows users to redeem rewards on a unified platform, through promotion campaigns with merchants or affiliated partners. -------------------------------- Characteristics of POPP: 1) Open-source. Anyone can fork, build on top of the original codebase, and expand the original set of features of the protocol. 2) Decentralised; no one can shut it down. Unlike centralised reward systems, anyone can build new apps on top of this protocol, expanding its use cases beyond the original idea. Collected stamps don’t disappear when an app shuts down. Anyone can create another app for users to use the stamps minted. 3) Sign in using a wallet. Interactions are tied to a wallet. The owner of the wallet doesn’t have to reveal any of his personal information to start collecting stamps, Current features on POPP's rewards & loyalty system: - Purchase items using crypto - View collected stamps - Consume stamps to redeem rewards - Cross-brand collaboration campaigns between merchants - Collect-them-all Stamps for fun, social sharing ----------------- Future Work (upcoming work): 1) Complex rewards systems & Stamps Minted tokens can get more complex upon further development. Upgradable Stamps: Tier 1 Stamps can be upgraded for Tier 2 tokens, etc. Loyalty Stamps: Minted upon reaching significant milestones, qualifying Wallet Holder to a "buff" (e.g., discounts, VIP access) Fragmentable Stamps: Bundled products represented by a stamp which can be broken into individual stamps. - e.g., a Meal Stamp can be broken up into its components (1x burger, 1x fries, 1x beverage). 2) Marketplace for Stamp trading Development of a POPP-specific marketplace, or building on OpenSea. 3) Brand verification Confirm identity of vendors (large brands, cross-branch collaboration) 4) Community-driven Stamp designs Designs follow brand & product theme. Limited Edition Stamps: Limited edition Stamps(seasonal, etc.) Stamps of Varying Rarities: Rare designs of Stamps may be collected for fun

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How it's made

POPP has two main components. ----------------------------------------------------------- The Smart Contract stores the main protocol. This contract was created in Solidity. _______POPP Smart Contract_______ Merchant Factory + Merchant Contract: - Manages mintable stamps (create, edit, and delist items) - Purchase and mint - Create campaign contracts Campaign contract: - Regulates reward redemption Mintable stamp contract: - Regulates minting and burning of stamps -------------------------------------------------------- The front-facing aspect of POPP is a standard React application that provides an easy-to-use interface for both Merchants and Customers. Chainlink and Umbrella Network are utilised to obtain price feeds for accurate exchange rates to Merchant's currency of choice.