Project Vinland is an onchain metaverse game in which users, when signed in by their Metamask/wallet, can tour the DeFi metaverse which has multiple stores/avenues like Aave and Sushi to make transactions. This gamified visual experience will allow new users to better comprehend the difference between these dapps and their IRL counterparts. Like AAVE -> Bank and Sushi -> Binance/CEX . Imagine a world where you can play to earn in a battle royale game betting on your skill , then swap the same crypto winnings in the metaverse itself .Then visit your NFT museum to witness them in full 3-D glory . All in a trustless ,decentralized manner ,just using your crypto wallet . No email , no dox ,just plain simple AAA gaming experience .

Project Vinland showcase

How it's made

Project Vinland is built on Unity frontend, using ChainSafe web3 APIs to interact with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and languages like C#, Solidity and Blendr. We used AAVE and Balancer's smart contracts to try and implement their defi functionality in-game. Although it was challenging implementing logic in C# , we are pleased with the progress and learning.