Proxy Poster is a forwarder layer on top of the permission-less social media network Poster. Poster allows anyone to submit content to be forever attached to the Polygon network, and by using Proxy Poster and Biconomy, all transactions are being relayed so users do not require any funds to submit transactions.

Proxy Poster showcase

How it's made

Proxy Poster uses an ERC-2771 proxy contract deployed with a Biconomy trusted forwarder to submit transactions on its behalf. Due to the usage of the Polygon network, these costs are negligible, allowing non-crypto native users to use the application without having any funds beforehand. Proxy Poster relies on Poster, a dead-simple social media on top of the TheGraph and IPFS. To power event updates, Proxy Poster user Pocket Network, and in addition to deploy to Fleek, we also deployed it on top of Skynet.