Qros is an NFT based reward system to gamify interactions on the Queretaro City DAO. Users will get the Qro Citizen role as a base character when get validated on the governance DApp. User can customize their character with backgrounds, clothes, and accessories layers depending on their skills and engagement in the Querétaro City DAO activities. The first wave includes these roles: 1. Artist 2. Digital Creator 3. Athlete 4. Scholar 5. Chef 6. Merchant 7. Pet Lover 8. Wizard

Qros showcase

How it's made

This project makes use of a DAO named VoTaro deployed on polygon. The DAO rewards its users with ERC 20 tokens called Taro tokens for performing various interactions such as proposing changes and voting The Qros dapp is meant to be an NFT platform that allows users to redeem their Taro tokens for various interactions performed. Moralis was used on the backend for their NFT API and authentication functions which make coding the backend a lot easier. What we think is most unique about our project is how we decided on rendering the NFTs. The NFTs are png images that are layered on top of each other to create a unique avatar. Unlike random avatar projects, this gives the user more control of what their avatar looks like and allows them to purchase different layers separately.