Description SharedTools seek to abstract away common DeFi patterns such as liquidity mining, vote escrow, NFTs, airdrops and provide a common UI for other protocols and factory contracts allowing everyone to use audited base code. Protecting users, and saving costs on audits. UIs we have developed and launched: - common - UI for veTokens at, live on mainnet - - UI with factories for launching contracts at Contract factories are live on Rinkeby, Matic, with some also on Metis and mainnet. Additionally we created the following dev tooling: - hardhat-template for quick, easy, descriptive cross chain deploys. - hardhat-framework with common network info for sidechains. - smartcontract-UI for autogenerating smart contract uis. - openzeppelin-ovm fork for using OZ Projects are linked at showcase

How it's made

The project is the culmination of a few microprojects. The slides here may help: Projects are linked at Most code is forked and modified from well known examples. Fork history, if any, is preserved or mentioned in the repos. The project used Matic and Metis for deploys. Rarible ERC factories were used for a base, and are also shown on our factory frontend. Alchemy is used for ETH API access for deploys. Due to the NFTs being custom, IPFS is used via pinata for NFT metadata. The contracts hope to allow more people to easily deploy custom NFTs with the base uri pointing to IPFS like stores. Subprojects: hardhat-framework - containing network info and hardhat config and a flattener. harhat-template- inherits the above, allows 2 line deploys to any chain with ample output. merkle-distributor-generic - NFT airdrops openzeppelin-contracts-ovm - OZ fork for OVM, worked on with Optimism a bit sharedtools-factory - Inherits the above, has factory contracts for Masterchef/LM, stableSwap pools, Airdrops, NFTs, voteEscrow smartcontract-ui - Autogenerate UI from smart contracts for rapid prototyping factory-ui - - Auto-generated UI for factory contracts, fork of ape-tax. Factory Contracts are deployed to matic,mainnet,metis and rinkeby. Allows UI based contract creation for common DeFi patterns and NFTs veToken-voting - - common UI for veTokens - live on mainnet Also have a yearn-strat i started working on at And a uniswap v3 nft to erc20 mapper SRC: