The SomethingVentured team would like to solve the common problem that DAOs and new projects often suffer from - lack of funding and poor liquidity. At MetaGame we have experience with running a DAO and managing liquidity through a Balancer V1 pool for our token SEED. We noticed that it opens up a lot of possibilities for fund-raising and saw this hackathon as a great opportunity to experiment with the different types of liquidity pools in the context of fund-raising.

SomethingVentured showcase

How it's made

The SomethingVentured platform uses smart contracts to enable its demographic to create a crowdfund whereby investors deposit their assets (wMATIC) into a Balancer V2 LP on Polygon. Once deposited, the funder receives their vested LP tokens in the form of an ERC1155 NFT that represents their LP position. Holders of the NFTs receive perks, can participate in governance and get access to gated services/content. The perks and other rewards parameters are set by the fund raiser. The SomethingVentured platform is written in Typescript & Solidity and uses: - Balancer V2 on Polygon to bootstrap liquidity for projects/DAOs on the platform - Sia SkyNet hosts our dApp with HomeScreen compatibility - ENS name (somethingventured.eth) resolves to SkyNet resolver. The plan is to create ENS subdomains for each project or DAO created on the platform. - Hardhat for development and testing of the smart contracts - NextJS and ChakraUI for the frontend - Moralis Speedy nodes over Infura for our provider.