This project combines Sports + Stocks, thereby known as Spock, where users can buy/sell the stocks of their favorite players across a plethora of sports supported by our platform. Spock is a unique platform that merges fantasy gaming with trading, giving an opportunity to users to earn while playing a kind of fantasy game of their choice. How does the application work? Users can buy a fantasy Stock at the quoted buy price and sell a fantasy Stock at the quoted sell price to Spock. It is a game that requires immense sports knowledge, judgment, and financial skill to win. The scores of the players are calculated based on their performance in various matches. We would eventually create Chainlink based contract that would get the value from the score calculation API to be fed into our decentralized application. Users who trade frequently on our platform would also be eligible for rare NFT drops of various players, which can then be sold on our in-built marketplace.

Spock showcase

How it's made

We used Polygon Testnet to deploy our smart contracts and AngularJS as the front end for our application. We have used Skynet for building and deploying our front-end automatically. We also added a working “Save to Homescreen” link in the Github repo in order to manage the various versions of the app. Skynet Link: Future additions: - Chainlink to get the player data using Decentralized Oracles. - SPOCK token liquidity provision and farming options - Adding more sports to the site - Setting up an NFT Marketplace