This is a simple and incomplete tool that enables hopping from address to address (just click any visualised address or type your own in the address query) and viewing said address's history of transactions and associated gas costs. Where possible, it surfaces the names of popular contracts, thanks to Covalent's API. A link to each transaction on Etherscan is always displayed. Its reason for being: I wanted a way to add up my cost history in terms of transfers and gas, and I couldn't find anything I liked - so I started putting something together. I didn't get time to polish it, but here it is regardless.

Sticker Shock showcase

How it's made

This uses vanilla JS to communicate with Covalent's API; it's a single HTML file, and extremely easy to understand! Addresses are rendered using an old key-visualising library I made and used in the previous hackathon. While there are lots of options for exposing more aspects of Covelant's API (e.g. currency switching) - the initial focus was on having a working demo of the base tech, rather than on adding options to the UI.