My project is an IPFS/Filecoin video/audio playlist marketplace app to purchase existing, pre-compiled playlists that are stored on IPFS/Filecoin. The app allows the user to purchase playlist downloads using Polygon tokens. Once the user purchases a playlist, an IPFS hash will be revealed which will contain all of the songs/videos that are included in the playlist. Some really great features about this service are that it is pay-as-you-go without having to sign up for a subscription, it is trustless as users do not need to reveal personal information such as name, address or credit card number and the content is persistent and cannot be removed due to censorship.

Storage Retrieval Payment App showcase

How it's made

First step was to install depndencies such as axios and Hardhat. I wrote the Market.sol and NFT.sol smart contracts and deployed them to the Hardhat local testnet, then later deployed them to Polygon all with the help of Metamask. I tested the smart contracts using Hardhat where they passed all of the necessary tests. I then added several .js components to the Next.js framework and started and tested the app for functionality for both sellers and buyers.