We're working on a solution that helps DAOs build trust with their employees without the need for a govt backed employee contract. We're achieving this by sending out the salary to the employee from the second they start their work using Superfluid. We're also working towards employers trusting employees too with previous data of the employee receiving streams and social proof. We're also helping DAOs keep their Gov Token as collateral and borrow streams to pay their employees without as much interest as when they borrow a lump sum.

StreamRoll showcase

How it's made

We've used the Scaffold eth AAVE clone app to interact with AAVE. We have deployed an AAVE clone with modifications using Superfluid contracts and SDK to support the borrowing of streams. This stream is then split between the employees. We're also working on streaming in Governance Token like MKR so that they don't lose MKR in case of liquidation.