Supaprotocol Supaprotocol is a fully decentralized crowdfunding protocol created to be deployable by anyone on any Ethereum network, specifically Polygon. Create crowdfunding campaigns and receive pledges with ease through the smart contract or build your own crowdfunding website/platform and host any projects yourself without worrying about security, ownership, and transparency. Supaheroes dApp A decentralized crowdfunding platform built using Supaprotocol. Become a backer for amazing projects and receive NFT rewards. Explore ongoing crowdfunding campaigns and track their smart contract transaction histories or run a campaign your own and receive pledges in cryptocurrency.

Supaheroes showcase

How it's made

Supaprotocol is purely made of Solidity codes with Openzeppelin security smart contracts. It acts as a smart contract factory that will deploy crowdfunding campaign smart contracts. Supaheroes dApp is a decentralized interface that has been deployed to Sia Skynet. Most of the functionality leverages Moralis Web3 API to call smart contract functions, upload files to IPFS, store metadata off-chain, and authenticate users. The NFTs indexing and NFT marketplace are deployed using NFTPort API.