Super Card Game is an NFT trading card game with real-time game-play. It features card collecting, deck building, and online matchmaking. Super Card Game is designed to be a Web3 experience that takes full advantage of decentralized technology without all the hassle. We aim to bring the excitement and thrill of trading card games to the digital world.

Super Card Game showcase

How it's made

The project was made in React. Status' Waku protocol was the backbone of the decentralized communication that allowed matchmaking and battles to exist. A lot of work was put into the messaging protocol to validate the integrity of games, and streamline user experience. In order to validate identity without asking the user to sign every message with their wallet, they signed a public key that would be used to sign future messages. Also, since it is a card game, we paid close attention to generating random numbers and hiding information of face-down cards using hashing and salts in order to keep things fair while preserving the integrity of the game. Since we want the project to be as accessible as possible, we deployed on Polygon for the low fees and quick block times. Also, in order to fully decentralize, Skynet's Deploy to Skynet action was reliable and convenient. Finally, no NFT project is complete without a metadata host that can't be rugged. For that we used NFT.Storage by IPFS/Filecoin.