This project consists of an App using which users can create survey forms which will be displayed on the app's dashboard . Other users can respond to these survey forms and earn incentives. So now using this app, normal users will be able to make real money by just responding to some survey questions. The responses file is stored on textile (Kind of similar to how google stores the responses file on google drive.)

Survey DAPP showcase

How it's made

This app is based on Polygon blockchain and all the tests in the demo are being done on Polygon's mumbai testnet. The app uses Moralis for authentication and database which stores all the tables regarding the users and the Forms.Whenever any user responds to any survey, His/her response is stored in the moralis data base and his wallet address is appended to the responder list. This responder list is paid incentive when the user1 (Form uploader) downloads its responses. The Payment is made using superfluid. A pool is created which consists of the members in the responder list of the form and the payment is made using the instant distribution feature of superFluid. The responses file can be downloaded and is also stored on the Textile's