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Won't you please pull my threads, my love? Unravel me and watch me spin my yarn in the obscurity of the abyss that is the internet!


___lmao at the rickroll, even if lyrics are quite apt for the project___ Ever seen Harry Potter? There is a scene where Albus Dumbledore uses his wand to remove a memory from his mind to empty into the Pensive. Tampopo does exactly that, but with all the benefits of web3, ie, it incentivises _you_ to outpour your stories [read: empty your mugs] into the abyss [read: the network]. Relieve yourself of a traumatic memory or write some interesting fiction, and as the world _relives_ them with you, with the __magic of web3__, you will have __compensation__, potentially to improve the predicament that led you to empty your mug in the first place ! The other side of this [crypto] coin is pulling threads. The messages in bottles that you throw out into the ocean leave behind temporal breadcrumbs, those that the waves may obscure, but never hide (isn't the internet a magical place?!). ```pullmythread.com``` is the island where visitors may stumble on these bottles, coloured by their __mood__, and if they pick one up to look at closely, or open it to read the message, the breadcrumbs are activated and the breadmaker is rewarded !! Finally, and to truly be web3, the network is designed to offer and enable genuine human connections, using the stories that we are, because at the end of the day, and our lives, isn't that all we are? The internet allows every human to avoid their second death, being forgotten, or at the very least prolong it to inhuman numbers; blockchain then further enables custom incentivisation for __public good behaviour__, one being supporting the network to maintain the incentives !!! ** note — the network can also be used as a global publishing platform or for global activism organisation and use heavy yet public good oriented data analytics.. The current [future] plans are to bridge Wikipedia and orient Amnesty International, and also use OpenAI's gpt-3 for cool stuff ranging from text2speech and speech2text to hardcore nlp for contextual semantic understanding.

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How it's made

Network users [read: protocol participants] create __personas__ on the network, which is sugar for subdomains of __tampopo.eth__ using Ethereum Name Service. They can then read stories from or write stories to the network using the two network entry points : *__emptyyourmug.com__* or __writing__ :: personas first select the mood of their stories and then outpour them in their browsers. Upon *minting*, the marked up story is compiled into a cascading binary [merkle] trie, which is further converted to an abstract computer generated image using EthBlockArt. The root hash and the trie image is minted as an ERC-721 token using lazy minting by the Rarible Protocol. The NFT metadata and image are stored on IPFS using free storage by web3.storage. Users may edit their published stories in the future by updating the trie and minting fresh ERC-1155 tokens to signal the update. This form of storytelling is inspired by *__alantrotter.com__* *__pullmythread.com__* or __reading__ :: personas visit this website to stumble upon stories, getting engaged first with colour, then with the words. A pseudorandom story is displayed on visiting the webpage, with just three lines to read [read: threads to pull] — the mind, the body, and the soul. The colour of the webpage is identified programagically using a combination of story mood, recent activity, and network performance* (hue, saturation, and luminosity). The visitor is given only two actions — shuffle to another story, or pull a thread of the displayed history, or fantasy. The search for stories is powered by The Graph Network and mining and rollups is inspired by Privacy and Scaling group's (at The Ethereum Foundation) Semaphores (and vitalik's blogposts). The shuffling is inspired by *__stumbleupon.com__* Finally, the network tokens are given value by maintaining an automated liquidity pool, using custom smart contracts. The core of any token to any token transfer is managed using Gas Station Network (in code, and spirit) and per link streaming is enabled by Superfluid Finance (again, in code, and spirit). Lastly, the persistent transactions in blockchain (sometimes to a fault, perhaps a necessary one) is [somewhat complexly] managed using a combination of The Ethereum Project's networks (namely, mainnet, ropsten, and görli). Much of the logic is written again from the ground up (after [re]designing from the top down), such as merkle trees, seed generation, multi signature schemes, etc. ** funding request — Unfortunately, I only had access to my tech for 10-11 days as opposed to the allotted 23 days for the hackathon. No matter! Involvement with the hackathon spirit in the later part of the event served to design and polish the protocol, for which coding should only take a measly three days. This too I plan on completing and releasing before the ethOnline 2021 finale on the 15th. In case that disqualifies me from sponsor prizes, please consider tipping me at __thisispalash.eth*__ [pubhex: 0x96e03e38ad4b5ef728f4c5f305eddbb509b652d0] or the project directly at __tampopo.eth*__ [pubhex: 0xd5c8b482dc94d2ddc3404effa51cbb2fa0f079f4]. * The ENS domains are unregistered currently, and I would also be extremely grateful if you'd like to register the domain and transfer ownership in my name! For convenience, here is a list of external web3 projects used by this network — The Ethereum Project, Ethereum Name Service, Rarible Protocol, EthBlockArt, TheGraph Network, web3.storage, Gas Station Network, Chainlink Price Oracles, and Superfluid Finance.