Tea Time

Fair-drop lossless NFT auctions on Layer 2. Randomized lottery system with lossless ticket costs alà pool together


A fairer way to handle NFT drops. This suite of contracts allows NFT devs to drop a lossless auction system to enable randomized NFT drops instead of FIFO which clogs blocks. The lazy way to drop NFTs is to have a free for all drop which usually results in blocks getting clogged up from people trying to buy the NFT. A timed lottery system could make these entries more spread out, lessening congestion on the network

Tea Time showcase

How it's made

By using Layer 2 tech like arbitrum or optimsim, we can drive costs down, making NFTs more accessible to everyone. We can also use a VRF library or chainlink VRF to get randomized numbers to distribute NFTs in a fairer way. We use solidity language and hardhat framework to develop the contracts, and ethers.js and svelte to develop an interface for users to interact with.