Thin Mint allows users to create alternative visualizations for NFTs. This allows users to extend the intellectual property representation of NFTs. For example, a Bored Ape could have a Halloween version or a Decentraland skin that can be used in the metaverse. The Thin Mint NFT by default is connected to the root NFT. Only the root NFT’s holder can mint the Thin Mint. When the root is transferred, so are any alternatives. However, an owner can choose to disconnect these assets later.

Thin Mint showcase

How it's made

Thin Mint contracts were written with Solidity utilizing ethers.js, hardhat, and alchemy. The frontend was built with react and next.js. Finally, the NFT metadata was deployed on IPFS. We used Protocol Lab's which made working with ipfs trivially easy. Since this is an MVP, we put together a solution that's fairly hacked together. However, we have a clear path forward to completing the project in a long-term sustainable manner for permissionless use.