This project has created an online B2B platform for companies to exchange goods for currency held in escrow. Using the platform Buyers and Sellers collaborate on the details of a smart contract. For example: pick up place, delivery place, Freight Forwarder to use, amounts. This list can expand in the future as needed. The Buyer starts the life of the smart contract by funding it with the pre-agreed amount of money (RAI in this case). The funds stay locked in the smart contract until the Freight Forwarder sends a delivery signal. This signal - in our demo this is a simple button click - triggers the finalization of the smart contract and the payout of the money to the Seller. This escrow is a way for the Buyer to be sure the Seller doesn't receive payment until the goods have been delivered. The Seller has a security that, as long as they make the delivery correctly, they will be paid for the funds in the smart contract. The front end is very simple for now, but we will expand it to include shipment documentation storage via IPFS.

TradeWave showcase

How it's made

We used Moralis for the backend setup. This was incredibly helpful from the beginning. We were able to ask questions For the front end we built a React app with Next.js and deployed on Vercel. For all of us this was the first time to make a Dapp, so we're all just really happy to have something to show here. ;)