USA Wallet will be built to "Simple, Safe, and Secure" on-board US no-coiners to crypto. Friendly assistants will guide users along every step of setup and use. Token balances will be displayed and users will be able to buy, send, and swap crypto. Previous version of USA Wallet was a web dap. This version will be deployed as mobile aps on iOS and Android. Additionally a utility token will be deployed. Ownership of the utility token will lower transaction fees and unlock early content and advanced features in the mobile dap.

USA Wallet showcase

How it's made

USA Wallet WAS going to be a React-Native upgrade to our original website into mobile aps on iOS and Android. However our main engine does not yet support React-Native. So we spent the time redesigning our front end in anticipation of going native. We're still using ReactJS, Chakra, 1Inch and Moralis on our front end but we've added Transak as our fiat gateway. All of our end user activity will be directed towards buying, trading, and selling tokens on the Polygon network to dodge Tx fees on main net. We also created a utility token "Benjamins" using OpenZepplin and some custom bonding curve code. Our contract also uses AAVE lending pool deposits to generate aUSDC for the project from user-deposited USDC. Our bonding curve has a 100% reserve and negligible price inflation vs. circulating supply. Its designed against speculation, manipulation, front-running, flash loan attacks, and regulatory risk. Hodling Benjamins will unlock a spread of discount rates while trading in our front end, and allow deeper access to our library of token research.