Visit our twitter for updates: Liquidity Providers (LPs) are the backbone of the money legos of the DEFI economy. However time and time again, we have witnessed them abused by impermanent loss despite serving a critical function in DEFI. This is unsustainable and in some cases an outright scam of LPs’ hard earned money. We introduce Variety.Finance. We are creating LP Protection features for UniswapV2-like protocols and channeling savings into a treasury fund for LPs (or a fund towards public goods). In this way LPs benefit from the long term appreciation of their governance token/fund to offset impermanent loss. The fund can be channeled into an treasury fund for LPs.

Variety.Finance - By Team: God Save The LPs showcase

How it's made

This project on the backend is using Solidity deployed and verified using Hardhat and Harhat Verify modules. The Contracts are a flavour of Uniswap contracts for the Factory, Router. We introduced a yield farming contract (Distributor) and arbitrage contract. The Contracts are deployed to Polygon(Matic)'s Mumbai Testnet. For frontend, it uses Next.js, React.js. We used Alchemy endpoints for our RPC calls.