This is a DAPP where a user post jobs and earn streamed income. For example a web developer can post jobs like 10 hours of web development per week, including the monthly price, and then an employer can use the DAPP to easily hire this person. The account creator can pause and delete jobs. When someone hires, the pre set monthly price amount is then streamed to the recipient from the employer's wallet. This is similar to what the application Patron does, but it not only can be used for content creators, e.g. YouTubers, but also for anyone offering any kind of service. It could be in any industry. It is much like Upwork, but flipped on it's head, where those looking to hire can search for the right person for their needs.

VaYam showcase

How it's made

The front end is built with Typescript, React.js and plain CSS. Web3Modal and ethers.js are used for interacting with Metamask and with the smart contracts. Hardhat is used to compile and deploy smart contracts. The smart contract use OpenZeppelin libraries. There is only one solidity contract with over three hundred lines of Solidity code.