WeInvest DAO Cross-chain Implementation

WeInvest tokens now available on L2s and sidechains, with support for BSC and Polygon.


We wrote what contracts to deploy a wrapped token across chains. This wraps our ERC-20 to deploy on BSC, MATIC, and AVAX. This makes it easy to use Moralis to validate our users hold our token in their wallet. We have predominantly used smart contract code that has been audited for security purposes.

WeInvest DAO Cross-chain Implementation showcase

How it's made

The smart contracts were written, tested and deployed with tools including truffle, hardhar, and remix. The tokens are then distributed to DEX pools for BSC and MATIC, where users can swap for these wrapped tokens. The login with Metamask feature, will use Moralis to authorize with their wallet. Then we use their API to check that the user has tokens in their wallet, then allow them to use the platform.