This project aims to improve contracting experience for time-based workers. As an employee I can go to the web page, select a company that I'm hired for and start working while the pay is sent to my wallet in real-time. No more iffy end-of-the-month discussions with clients on whether they're going to pay or not. If the work is done the salary is paid. As an employer I can easily set up a company, hire employees and create an inflow that will be distributed among workers.

WorkCD showcase

How it's made

This project has three main components: 2 smart contracts (WorkCD host and a smart contract for registered companies) and a front-end. The project uses Superfluid to stream the money from the employer to the SuperApp (the smart contract for companies on Superfluid steroids) and also from the SuperApp to the employee. When a user creates a new company a smart contract is created for it by the WorkCD host. This newly created smart contract holds data about employees, incoming flows, outflows, Superfluid hooks etc. When an employee is added to a company the employee can use our product to start working for the company on the agreed salary flowrate. The front-end is built in React using ethers.js. Prior to this project I've never developed anything blockchain related and thus I'm pretty satisfied with getting my first hands-on experience with Solidity and blockchain development.