What if you could own a number? What if you could own a self-portrait of infinity? These are the questions that inspired the journey of Zero to Infinity, a wholly on-chain generative NFT art project. Zero to Infinity offers an invite to everyone in the Polygon ecosystem to connect their wallet to the dapp, mint the next number up and join in the collective count to reach as high we can go.

Zero to Infinity showcase

How it's made

1. Implementation with web3 technologies in conjunction with front end JavaScript. 2. User connects to the Polygon blockchain smart contracts using Metamask. This allows the user to interact with Moralis which acts as middleware between NextJS and the chain. 3. The smart contract holds functions which draw/generate the numbers on-chain. 4. Workload is reduced as digital assets do not need to be created for the smart contract to randomise or mint pre existing assets.