3 buttons interface hack. File, contact, and payment. Hacking accessible, privacy, and progressive web Hack meaning a good solution or piece of advice Hacking meaning design and coding Ipfs accessible for personer, med adhd og autisme PWA (EdgeHTML) for Windows (uwp) PWA (Chromium) Browsers Cognitive # Cognitive impairment is a broad category, encompassing topics such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism, just to name a few. The accommodations for these users are quite diverse, but generally speaking, users may seek to minimize distractions, flashing, heavy animations, and anything which shifts the user's context around the page in an unexpected way. Users may also use custom colors and styles to improve readability or prevent headaches. When I shall install and use web gui, companion, desktop or cli of ipfs, Im missing and will suggest a test of user behavior on and a updated user interface for use of ipfs. Docs and dev portal, could also need some changes, still it all rely of the good, and ground breaking work from protocol lab, core developer and contributor.

3 buttons interface showcase

How it's made

Hacking in microsoft, Visual studio code, javascript, uwp, with ui, lin, and typescript. Uwp progressive app to windows and to edge. Pwa to chromium browsers Using github, to open source 3 buttons interface, File, contact, and payment. Documention, contribution and hacking on dweb. Microsoft web client, desktop, and store. Tcp/ip, ethernet and internet. Ipfs interface to ipfs, eth and filecoin. menu: contact. payment. data.

Technologies used