This project is no where near being complete but the goal of Blockclip is to be able to convert content from the internet such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc onto the IFPS network and to save a link to that content onto your own private storage. This solves the problems of links dying for whatever reason or content no longer being available online. it would also enable you to continuously save versions of the content whenever changes are made.

How it's made

This would use a vue front end for the main website and IFPS on the back end but the actual website has yet to be built yet. this hackathon was focused on trying to understand the technologies and to simply try to save a link of a piece of content already on the IFPS network and to allow a user to visit it again later. The actual saving function would be done through a browser extension and such a user would simply click the button near the toolbar when they want to save a link to their own storage space by using 3box and a metamask wallet for signing and identification.