With Box & Drop, you can drop a file to a specific location, just like any physical object. You can also take other boxes, open them and download the files inside. Box & Drop combines two trend technologies: IPFS and augmented reality, deliverting new customer experience.

Use cases

  • Interactive sightseeing tours
  • Storing your personal impressions in particular place
  • Quests & interactive games
  • Marketing activities, etc.

Join IPFS-BoxMania today:

  • Create interesting content and drop it to IPFS with one click
  • Share your box with others using social networks
  • Earn points each time someone open / download your box (boxes could be open only in location where you've dropped them)

Master your creativity with Box&Drop!

Box & Drop showcase

How it's made

A lot of people believe that decentralised technologies are to complex for everyday usage. Box&Drop (as a counterpart of DropBox) was developed to break this myth! It was daring idea and amazing journey. This project was developed from scratch especially for HackFS. During developing I've learnt a lot of topics: - Augmented reality from scratch - Swift from zero to hero - IPFS for Golang - Making complex things simple Mobile app stack Swift 5, ARKit, Apple sign-in, Alamofire, etc. For more details: Backend Golang 1.13, IPFS, Mongo, Gin-Gonic For more details: AppStore & testing For the moment, app is under review in AppStore and I hope will be published yet. If someone wants to test it before, please PM @mikael_l

Technologies used