I've created a very basic app to make it easy to store and share collections of pictures in a private way. It's built using OrbitDB Threads via 3Box confidential threads. The way it works is this: 1) User 1 sign in 2) User 1 creates a "collection" (thread) by giving it a name 3) User 1 upload pictures to it and shares collection vía email (invite-only) 4) User 2 receives invitation email and signs in (subscribes to the thread) 5) User 1 receives email saying User 2 subcribed and ask for confirmation (he adds a member to the thread). 6) Now the two of them have access to the content privately, and without intermediaries!!

Bradbvry - Photos showcase

How it's made

The frontend is built using React with Magic and 3Box, that's it. It's extremely simple. Collections are confidential threads and using Magic allows to have for every user, an email and an Ethereum public address, which makes it much easier to share. The backend is just an Express server with just 2 routes to relay emails. Even simpler.

Technologies used