It is a kanban-like DApp. This allows users to submit to designated Supervisors 'tasks' that they commit to finishing before a given deadline. While we are still in the Development Phase, we were able to build the outline of the User Dashboard and Supervisor Dashboard that we had envisioned and are looking forward for the Metamask-Filecoin wallet such that we can pair completed tasks with earning FIlecoin (similar to a Smart Contract with multi-sig wallets).

How it's made

This project uses React and Node.js as the frameworks. We also use Metamask and 3Box as the User authentication and login services in order to interact with IPFS and Textiles' ThreadDB. We had experimented around with Lotus node API, but were unable to use it as we had planned for a Metamask interface as our Filecoin wallet rather than have the system requirement of a running Lotus Node.

Technologies used