This project associates an ethereum address and a filecoin address through a smart contract, allows a user to make a storage deal, then verifies the deal and mints an NFT for each deal made. Our inspiration is the discord boosting feature, so we hope to develop rewards that users who earn NFTs can redeem in their digital organization.

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How it's made

Project uses React, Express, Solidity, Buidler, IPFS, Filecoin, Powergate, Slate, and Love. User visits front end, signs ethereum transaction with filecoin address as input to associate it to their eth address, user then makes a storage deal using a slate component connected to a local powergate instance, the front end then sends the transaction ID to the backend, the backend verifies the transaction through an API call to lotus, once verified it mints an NFT to the eth address associated with the filecoin address of the originator. The front end polls for updates in balances to reflect this change.

Technologies used