We present a model for decentralizing building information modelling, through implementing its infrastructure using the decentralized web. A series of computing nodes, that act as nodes on the Ethereum Blockchain, host disk storage with which they participate in a larger storage pool on the Interplanetary Filesystem. This storage is made available through filecoin is used by architects and designers creating and editing a building information model that resides on the IPFS decentralised storage. Through this infrastructure central servers are eliminated, and BIM libraries and models can be shared with others in an immutable and transparent manner. As such Architecture practices are able to exploit their intellectual property in novel ways, by making it public on the internet. The infrastructure also allows the decentralised creation of a resilient global pool of data that allows the participation of computation agents in the creation and simulation of BIM models.

dBIM showcase

How it's made

We have not progressed really well, we have built basic solidity contracts and basic python scripts to embedded within Building Information Modelling Desktop Software. We still need to handle connection with IPFS/Filecoin and monetisation of both the storage and editing of files. however the hackathon has helped put us on track.

Technologies used