We have been working with agile methodologies to design, build and launch software for the last decade, but our tools have stayed the same. We use platforms that store our information with out any control from the organization and users that interact with them, they are the owners of the information and should always have the last word on who has access to their data. We want to create a solution that takes into consideration privacy and data control as the cornerstone of the platform where organizations and individuals can collaborate and organize their projects. So we are launching a DApp for the Retrospectives ceremony called DRetros. Our goal is for distributed teams in any organization can do easily do a team retrospective, with full control of the data being put into the app. We will not store any information from the retrospectives and the data will only be accesible to the individuals who participated in the ceremony. For this hackaton we will build a Proof of Concept, to show that you can do a simple retro with 3 columns the team needs to fill: What went Well - What went Wrong - What should be improved. We will store the information in IPFS so only the participants can have access, also tamper proof the data so only the user who owns the information can change it.

DRetros showcase

How it's made

We used 3Box platform to create a single page application that lets user run a retrospectives ceremony, individuals or organizations can sign in using their Ethereum wallet and start doing the retrospective, if they want to save their retrospectives data in a DRetros dashboard to a 3BOX account will be needed so they can store the data being generated in the retrospective ceremony. We use 3BOX spaces to save all the information from the 3BOX user and store all the retrospectives ceremonies on the account of the user. To login we used Brave with Metamask to access the ETH wallet of the user.