Decentralised social media platform built using 3box as a database layer,fleek for storage and hosting,Unstoppable for domain Features: Core features of any social media platform 1)Create a post add text/audio/video/image 2)Create groups 3)Follow/Unfollow groups 4)Like,Comment and sharing posts,groups,profiles 5)Group chat

Dtok showcase

How it's made

The user login is powered by 3box,as soon as user logs in he/she automatically subscribes to home thread and all posts are displayed.Every user will have a unique thread where all the posts he/she created are stored.Every post will have a unique id generated by hashing the contents of the post and converting it to string via crypto-js. Whenever a new post is created the media is uploaded to fleek bucket and the returned url along with the post text is stored in home thread and users thread.Every group created has a unique thread name. Posts which user liked and groups followed are stored in users public space.Users can share any post with a click of a button and chat via 3box global chat plugin. Hosted on fleek and pinata cloud.Domain name by unstoppable domains.

Technologies used