Dweb is a big tent movement with ambitious goals for fixing some of the Internet's biggest problems. One of the challenges now is how the community can get to know each other and for outsiders to get to know us while we're all under restricted travel and lockdown. I believe virtual worlds are an ideal solution for community meetups, outreach, and education about the space. We can incubate ideas about use-cases and applications to drive adoption within gaming worlds. Decentralized virtual worlds where you can chat, listen to music, watch presentations, and build other virtual worlds. The idea is for a digi-physical city to emerge where users can teach / learn / build. DwebVR inspires action. It is part builder kit, part proposal for an online community to create the virtual idea factory that can host virtual events, proto.schools, and hackathons in the future. Long description here:

DwebVR showcase

How it's made

I used 3D scans that I took or found on the internet and built a WebXR site using JanusXR as a framework to simplify networking (VOIP / avatars). The worlds are hosted on IPFS via Fleek and ENS. In one demo I used my Unstoppable Domains that I bought: as well. The two hackerspace demos hosted on Dweb are linked together via a portal.

Technologies used