Ethsign enables document versioning in a decentralized manner. We provide a simple and decentralized alternative for DocuSign. Ethsign bridges Ethereum with Filecoin, where Ethereum powers our smart-contract and Filecoin/IPFS provides decentralized hot and cold file storage. ===== Workflow ===== - Ethsign allows a party to upload a document with pending signatures. - All authorized parties are able to modify the document but can only do so one at a time, meaning each modification also requires the approval votes of all authorized parties before the modification becomes final and the next modification can take place. - Modifications include changes made to the list of authorized parties(addition only), document text, adding signatures, removing signatures, and removing the document itself. - Eventually, all parties vote to agree on a final version of the document, and the real-life contract is settled. Overall, Ethsign offers similar functionality compared to centralized solutions such as DocuSign and Esign, but accomplishes their goals without needing to trust a third-party.

Ethsign showcase

How it's made

Ethsign is a web-app built with React and web3js. The smart contract is written in Solidity and deployed via Truffle. In-browser AES file encryption using CryptoJS. Our IPFS and Filecoin APIs are powered by Powergate. Three key pieces: DID(MetaMask), Smart contract(Ethereum), De-storage(Powergate). Ethsign entirely runs inside the user's browser. We *NEVER* obtain any user information aside from what's public on the blockchain. The server only serves HTML+JS and does not receive any user data.

Technologies used