A decentralized, censorship resistant and pay per post modeled news sharing and blogging application where users can post news/articles which can be verified by other users. The posts can have images a proofs. Each post will have threads, these threads can be in favor of that post of against it. The threads can have content challenging the post. On receiving certain number of upvotes, the author of the thread receives a incentive in form a native TheFactsToken. Threads can also have images attached to them.

How it's made

This application uses Flutter for frontend and Nodejs for Backend. The posts are stored on's Buckets via Hub and the hash for the post along with some more information like the publisher's address is stored into a Smart Contract. The smart contract interactions happen through BlockVigil's API. The app is censorship resistant since the post details are pushed and queried from a smart contract. The app also has features such as donations, upvotes which again take place through the same smart contract. All the monetary transaction will be in form a native token TheFactsToken which follows the ERC20 standards. We tried to build a decentralized solution keeping in mind that the user experience is very simplified.

Technologies used