Fights of Ether is a tokenized, peer-to-peer network where players are able to build their fighting game assets to compete against each other in (optionally) staked matches. One of the most prominent problems in gaming is that players do not own their own purchases (or assets) when they purchased DLC (content that should have been in the game in the first game) or when online servers shut off - rendering players' assets and purchases useless. Fights of Ether solves by allowing players to purchase and customize their own in-game assets; allowing designers to build props, enhanced status updates (armor upgrades, special attacks), and environments where fights can happen in exchange for generating revenue; allowing audience members to stake funds on each fighting parties will win.

How it's made

This project is based on the Ethereum blockchain.We use smart contracts in order to facilitate how the tokens being distributed to the rightful owner. I am not impressed yet with what I built. I have learned that I always try to find the right time to build things and that bothers me greatly.

Technologies used