1. Data modeling According to the requirements document, design a reasonable storage structure; 2. Collect data Traverse the tipset, block, message, and miner of each lotus one by one; Store the collected data in ElasticSearch and Mysql databases; 3. Processing data & generating data API interface 1) Processing statistics Process the original data in the database, process it into statistical data, cache it with caching technology such as Redis, and update it regularly 2) Processing other data interface Processing other data query interfaces such as tipset, block, message, miner, etc. 4. Web front-end display The web front end is developed according to the API interface and displayed as the effect in the requirements document

How it's made

Backend: java Springboot + ElasticSearch + mysql Front end: vue ElasticSearch is used to store big data such as Tipset, Block, and Message; Mysql is used to store processing data index records, historical miner computing power and other data Java Springboot is used to process block data; and provide data api interface

Technologies used