Fin-File is a Python Flask app that allows the user to generate a 5-year weekly price chart of any U.S. listed stock or top 100 cryptocurrency. Once the files are downloaded, they are currently pushed manually to a Hub bucket on IPFS and Filecoin. After being pushed, the user can access the files on IPFS using a link that was generated by the Hub at any time of their choosing. This process will be automated shortly as we are developing a gRPC client that will push the files automatically for the user and generate the same bucket links. This would be a wonderful tool for the investment community as they would be able access our financial data store and save documents that are critical in conducting technical and fundamental analysis that will help them in making sound investment decisions. The app could be used by individual investors as well as professional money managers.

Fin-File showcase

How it's made

The app was developed in Python using Flask, the chart library and the Yahoo Finance API as its source of price data. All components are in a Python virtualenv environment which serves as its back-end. At the moment, we are manually pushing the user files to's Hub buckets which generates a link where the user can access the files on IPFS. We are currently developing a gRPC client which will automate this process for the user. I think it will be an awesome improvement to the app and user experience.