There's an infinite amount of free content out there on the Web, and it's highly unlikely that ads are going anywhere for the short to medium term. We believe that by taking small steps towards decentralizing the way that advertising is served and by allowing publishers to make money for the content they make in a privacy-preserving way for their audience, Fuzzy can move the needle for monetization on web3. Fuzzy Ads Address: Ads Contract Address:

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How it's made

We've converted all of the ad inventory into time-denominated (1 day-long for now) NFTs. These NFTs can be purchased by advertisers through OpenSea, and provide the right for advertisers to change content on IPFS which will be served to the audience which visits a publisher's content. The payment that is collected from the advertisers is paid out in proportion to the recorded engagement on the advertiser's ads to the pool of publishers in proportion to the value contributed to the network. There are three separate repositories under the Fuzzy Ads Github organization: the frontend app, the SDK, and the backend and Ethereum code. Payouts to advertisers Basically, issues with Ethereum scalability prevents us from doing many small incremental payments on-chain. Alternatives are: * side-chains * zk rollups * Off-chain settlements * PoS blockchains (Cosmos, Polkadot, NEAR, Solana, ETH 2.0) Because this is a Filecoin hackathon, we could suggest the usage of Filecoin payment channels to do incremental payments off-chain., “the payment channel actor can be used to open long-lived, flexible payment channels between users” Advertising money is locked up in a smart contract. Once the SDK detects that a user is looking at the ad, then we initiate the long-lived payment channel to begin payout to the publisher. We can use the on-chain information to calculate the number of views and clicks, rather than storing this information in ThreadsDB. FUTURE ROADMAP Environmental targeting - use the context of the site to better target ads to users. To consider: * How do you ensure that developers are not faking the views to get more money out of their ads on the site? * How to verify a human? (anti bot)

Technologies used