A completely decentralized game that lives on IPFS. Can be played on Earth or Mars. Current game dApps are hand rolled with custom javascript, CSS, HTML with Web3 tools. Instead of and spans , we wanted to leverage Unity engine to build more complex games. This includes 3D design, physics mechanics and cross platform development. The Unity and Web3 community are quite developed, but the link between the two is not. The project consists of 3 parts. 1. IPFS FPS game: We wanted to have fun and build an "interplanetary" first person shooter. The objective is to shoot robots and collect the Filecoin. Works on PC and Xbox. Best speed run wins! 2. The website provides an overview of the game, technology and team. 3. The article (thank you Coinmonks for publishing) is how everything works. We created a guide for game designers and developers to follow. This process took us weeks to figure out. This guide will help others start in a fraction of the time. We're excited to see what you think! Game on.

IPFS-FPS showcase

How it's made

For the full documentation, visit: The article will go over: Unity: Install Unity to create and export your game for IPFS. Github: Upload your game onto Github for continuous deployment. This will set up Fleek. Fleek: Fleek gets content from Github and publishes it on IPFS. Any updates to Github will automatically republish. Unstoppable Domain: Purchase a human readable domain name for your IPFS game and share it with the world. Pin static content such as images. Useful for meta tags.

Technologies used